Q: How does Laser Lipo/Lipo Cavi work?

A: A machine is used to disrupt the fat cell walls, which causes the fat cells to "leak" their contents into the fluid spaces of your body. From there, your lymph system picks up this waste material (the loose fat) and begins circulating it through your body until it can be processed by the liver and eliminated with sweat, urine and feces. The results are visibly noticeable immediately, however the entire process can take several days (72hours from the time of treatment), and you will continue to experience results during this time.

Q: Who can get Non-invasive treatments?

A: The best candidates for our fat removal services are healthy men and women who are moderately overweight, wishing to lose between 5-100 pounds. You are NOT a good candidate if you are pregnant or nursing, taking anticoagulants, if you have a pacemaker or metal implants or if you have keloids, recent surgeries or severe health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer or tumors, epilepsy, abnormally high or low blood pressure, hemophilia, thromboisis, phlebitis, turberculosis, current infection or infectious disease, immunodeficiencies or a compromised lymph system. If you have any doubt as to whether you are healthy enough to receive treatments, you should consult with your physician first.

Q: How much result can I expect after each treatment?

A: Results with non-invasive lipo will vary depending on how long the fat has existed, how dense it is, how hydrated you are, how well your lymph is circulating, etc. Immature, light and "fluffy" fat is much easier to eliminate than mature, dense fat, and thin lymph fluid will yield more rapid results than thick, viscous fluid. Statistically, you can expect up to 1-2" loss after the first treatment and up to 1/4" - 2" after each subsequent treatment.

Q: Will I end up with saggy skin if I lose a lot of weight?

A: Non-invasive lipo has a firming, toning and tightening effect on the skin and muscle tissue, so even if you have sagging skin resulting from earlier weight loss efforts, ultrasound cavitation will help. Of course, actual results will vary. We also have rf skin tightening as well for saggy skin.

Q: How often can/should I receive treatments?

A: You can safely receive non-invasive lipo treatments as often as every 3 days. It also depends on your needs and physical condition.

Q: How much of my body is treated during each appointment? 

A: A single 1-hour treatment session can cover of an area the size of your belly, your inner/front or outer/back thighs, your buttocks or your back. Smaller areas, such as a double chin and upper arm flab, can be treated together. We recommended focusing at least 3 treatments to a single area before moving around to other areas, so obvious results may be achieved more quickly.

Q: How many total non-invasive treatments will I need?

A: The answer to this question varies a great deal, as there are many factors to consider. For example, you need to consider how much fat you want to eliminate, how long the fat has been there, how dense the fat is, etc. Typically, a post-pregnancy patient wishing to eliminate a "muffin-top" leftover from childbirth may need 3-6 abdominal treatments, while a person who has been moderately obese for several years may need 2-3 times as many. Also, diet and exercise play a big role as well. Someone who makes a lifestyle change to be more active and eat better is going to have better results than someone who doesn't. The choice is ultimately up to the client.