Body Sculpting Services


During this treatment, ultrasonic waves are directed towards fatty tissues, destroying the fat cell membrane. This device only targets fat cells. The content of these cells are mostly comprised of triglycerides, which are being melted. Once melted, they will be disbursed into fluid that is released through your lymphatic system.

​All parts of the body that store fat can be treated. Ultrasonic Cavitation is good for fat reduction, body shaping and cellulite removal. Most common areas this treatment is used for: Stomach, Back, Thighs and Arms.



Laser Lipo consists of placing pads equipped with laser technology directly onto target areas. The laser energy penetrates the fat cells in a specific area, creating holes so they can empty their content. The body then flushes the liquified fluids through the lymphatic system.

​All parts of the body that store fat can be treated. The most common treatment areas are: Stomach, Thighs, Arms, and Back. Because this treatment does not destroy fat cells, they are capable of storing fat again. A balanced diet is suggested to ensure lasting results.



The major difference between both treatments is Ultrasonic Cavitation destroys the fat cells. A certified beautician actively implements ultrasonic therapy for 30 minutes. Laser Lipo empties fat cells using hand-free laser pad for 30 minutes on target area.

Both treatments break down fat cells. Both are non-invasive with no downtime necessary. Though most clients can see results after one session, for best results, 3-6 sessions are suggested. Treatments can only be done every 72 hours. With both treatments, a balanced diet is suggested for lasting results.



Mesotherapy is a needless injection that removes excess fat, tightens and rejuvenates skin. Can receive MESOLIPO on any part of the body that has fat. 


A customized treatment is used to treat areas which have cellulite or are cellulite prone. We use a variety of techniques which include, but not limited to radio frequency waves, wood massage therapy and sauna wrap cellulite reduction mask and MORE.



Utilizes radiofrequency waves which is heat energy for tissue remodeling and production of elastin and new collagen. Underlying  tissue contracts to diminish or remove cellulite, reduce body fat, tighten skin, post-op smoothing and body contouring and reshaping.



Vacuum therapy is used to restore and increase buttocks' volume with YOUR own fat using a vacuum technique. The vacuum therapy stimulates the muscles and mobilizes the fat. It promotes natural lifting and tightening of the skin beneath the surface to receive a firm toned look without surgery.


Micro current stimulation tones the muscle and tightens loose skin in the treatment area. Helps shape the body, relax and stimulate muscles. Improve blood flow, circulation, and lymphatic metabolism of waste in the body.


While using our detox sauna blanket you will be wrapped with slimming gel that firms the skin, treat cellulite and target adipose tissue. You will sweat out all of your impurities which include, but not limited materials that we accumulate in our body.