Full Face MakeupFull Face Make UpPerm/press/CutHalf & Half Feedins 4 feed in bunmale single braidsDread Mohawk styleDreadsFeed ins with crochet hair Braid ponytail w/ crown Kids Braids/crochet styleMedium Kid lemonade Braids Kid braids Jumbo Lemonade Braids Kids jumbo Lemonade Braids (weave)Natural Styles Kid braids (weave added)Kid BraidsClient CamKid Braids small kids lemonade braids
Crochet Dreads Crochet Twist Crochet twistkids crochet twistmedium passion twist butt-length small passion twist waist-lengthJumbo Senegalese Twist Jumbo Senegalese twist (Midback)medium Senegalese twist
Basic sewin w/ minimal leave out Lace frontal wig install made & colored by me Custom Unit /ColorFrontal Sewin Basic Sewin with minimal leave out Lace closure sewinLace Closure Sewin no leave out Lace closure sewinBasic sewin with minimal leave out & custom color Quick weave Basic Sewin with minimal leave out
Bob Sewin with minimal leave out Basic SewinBasic sewin Basic sewinClient Selfie (Quick Weave Bob)Basic Sewin with minimal leave out Basic sewin